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Turning an influencer marketing agency to a Influencer Marketplace platfrom.

Journey at CultureX

As the Vice President of Product at Culturex since 2022, I spearheaded the creation of a groundbreaking SAAS marketplace for Influencer Marketing agencies, achieving an impressive $100k revenue in the first six months. Conducting extensive market analysis, I aligned product strategy with CultureX business goals, ensuring client needs were met.

Leading a dynamic team of 8, including developers and UI/UX designers, I oversaw the end-to-end product development process. From roadmap planning to sprint execution, I ensured timely releases and updates. Serving as the primary point of contact for B2B clients, I played a pivotal role in understanding requirements and delivering solutions promptly.

In my role as the Product Lead for growth, I devised and executed a robust go-to-market strategy for the lite version of our software, successfully launching it in the international market. As the go-to person for B2B client interactions, I not only identified their needs but consistently delivered effective solutions, solidifying Culturex's position in the industry.

In conclusion, my tenure at Culturex has been marked by transformative achievements in product development, strategic planning, and international market expansion. From building a lucrative SAAS marketplace to leading successful GTM initiatives, I've played a key role in driving innovation and growth for Culturex's Influencer Marketing Platform.

  • Company :

    CultureX Entertainment Pvt Ltd

  • Duration :

    1.5 years | March 2023 - Present

  • Industry :

    Creator Economy | Influencer Marketing

  • Technology Stack :

    MySQL, React Js , Express , NodeJs

  • Website :


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