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Brief about Journey

I spearheaded BrainItOn, an edutech startup, crafting a gamified learning app for dynamic mobile and web engagement. I orchestrated the entire project lifecycle, from ideation to launch, managing diverse teams and ensuring successful publication on the Google Play Store.

At BrainItOn, I curated a cross-functional team, guiding research, design, marketing, and delivery. My leadership extended to policy development, app launch, and release management on the Google Play Store. A large-scale promotional event attracted 10,000+ students, and the startup secured a spot among the top 10 in the Startup Innovation Challenge, earning a substantial INR 400K grant.

In my role at BrainItOn, I directed the comprehensive development of a gamified learning app, leading a multidisciplinary team from inception to launch on the Google Play Store. Responsibilities encompassed research, design, branding, marketing, and stakeholder management, culminating in a successful outreach event and recognition in the Startup Innovation Challenge with a significant grant.

  • Company :

    BrainItOn Education

  • Duration :

    2 years | Dec 2017 - March 2020

  • Industry :

    Education | Assessment & Training

  • Technology Stack :

    MySQL, React, Kotlin, Django

  • Website :


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